A table for two at a restaurant - what is a sober companion? Hired Power offers recovery assistance services in Southern California and across the USA sober companion is someone who can provide 24/7 resources to a client that is struggling to maintain a sober lifestyle. A sober companion can help to ease the isolation and loneliness that often follow big changes to a person’s life in early sobriety.

A sober companion’s job is to aid the client in promoting positive changes in their lives. Getting free of addiction and forming a new way to approach life is not easy, but with a sober companion you don’t have to do it alone. At Hired Power, we can help clients to develop a plan and find a sober coach that will best suit their individual needs. A sober companion can help reestablish a feeling of purpose to the client’s life. A sober companion can provide security and structure to further reassure and encourage an environment that is conducive to sobriety. A sober coach can show a client how to implement recovery-based actions into their everyday lives. By having a sober coach with a client in their daily lives there is an abundant opportunity for teaching and growth. It may be that client is resuming work, going back to school, or trying to incorporate a recovery program into their lives. A sober companion will help the client navigate through these transitions and changes, so it becomes easier and more comfortable. A sober companion can help a client to recognize their triggers and personal road blocks. In achieving this understanding, valuable information can be learned an applied to future situations, behaviors, and thoughts.

At Hired Power, our sober companions have a sincere commitment to strong ethical conduct. Our sober companions are devoted to professionalism, responsibility, and safety. Furthermore, we highly regard the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients.

Knowing what to do in early sobriety can be complicated, perplexing, and intimidating. A sober companion can help the client to confront obstacles in sobriety with a clear perspective, and with the benefit of their own experience. A sober companion can give you the extra help you need to succeed.

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