What is Case Management and How can it Help

Case management refers to a professional who assesses your needs and makes a care plan for you to follow. When you are in recovery, you will have needs come up that include locating a treatment center, transportation to and from treatment, after-care planning, and general support. You may also have more specific needs of rebuilding connections with family and reintegrating into work and society.

A case manager is trained to work with you on identifying any barriers that you may face as you are figuring out how to stay sober. Case management is a proven method to fill in the gaps of early recovery. After all, simply going to a treatment center for 28 days isn’t going to keep you sober. Having a solid plan and team on your side is what keeps you sober.

Case managers will take a thorough assessment of your needs and goals. Next, they will work with you to make an individualized care plan. Finally, they will map out the steps needed to accomplish your recovery and life goals. When you get sober, you may feel overwhelmed at the areas in your life that you want to repair. Perhaps you need to focus on work, family, finances, health, or education. Case management can help you with all of these situations.

Case management can help you with almost any area that you have needs. A case manager will work with you on identifying what aspects of your life you want to change. Going to treatment is not the only way to recover, but going to a treatment center is a good idea.

Research shows that people who are involved in either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program have higher rates of sobriety. There are various types of treatment for addiction, so you can choose which treatment option is best for you. A case manager is knowledgeable in the various approaches to recovery. A case manager will work with you to determine what type of treatment suits you best.

A case manager is also an expert on the need for aftercare planning. After you leave treatment, it’s recommended to attend outpatient, a recovery support program, obtain a sponsor or mentor, and reintegrate into your life.

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