What is Safe Passage and How Does it Help?

Safe passage transports is a new way to bring people from treatment, court, and hospitals back home. The journey back home after treatment, courts, or hospitals can be challenging and stressful. Going back home can seem overwhelming. This is where safe passage comes in.

Leaving treatment may mean taking a plane, waiting in lines, or passing bars. This can be a lot of stress on a newly sober person. Safe Passage gives you or your loved one a partner to help you make the journey from treatment back to your home. For many people, just getting home can be a trigger for relapse. Even if you are confident, having a companion and extra support really can’t hurt.

Safe passage works in several ways. First, safe passage reduces anxiety. Leaving or entering treatment can cause anxiety because of the anticipation of treatment. The desire to use drugs and alcohol can be especially strong when you are en route to treatment or leaving treatment to go back home. Safe passage transports will provide a Certified Sober Escort to assist you on your journey home or to treatment.

Safe passage makes all travel arrangements and works closely with your family. Providing transportation and taking care of travel arrangements  to and from treatment or home greatly reduces stress. Taking care of these arrangements allows you and your family to focus on the treatment experience.

Many treatment programs offer weekend passes as you progress in the program. This can be an especially tricky time to navigate in early recovery. Research shows that drug and alcohol use after leaving treatment greatly increases the risk of fatality. The reason for this is due to tolerance level. You may think that you can handle the same quantity of substances, but your body cannot handle the relapse.

Safe passage helps increase accountability, responsibility, and reduces the risk of relapse. Even if you feel intense cravings during transport to home or treatment, a Certified Sober Escort will help you work through the temptation. Utilizing Safe Transport services can keep you safe and focused.

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