“Parent education is essential in helping us to deal with the current crisis. Treatment providers can’t provide everything,” says the CEO of a mental health provider organization. She’s speaking to the fact that parents are typically unaware of what to do when their beloved child becomes addicted to drugs like opiates. A parent advocate also relates to the article for The Buffalo News that parents “…know drugs make the kid into a monster, and it is up to parents to find ways to get their loved one out of the monster.”

There are conflicting theories on how a parent should approach their child when they become addicted to opiates. Some philosophy feels that when it becomes too much, parents should remove their child from the home and set strict, rigorous boundaries about what is and isn’t allowed. Some parents have gone so far as to cut off communication and even change the locks on the doors. Other theories feel this is too harsh and a form of abandonment. “Never throw a kid into the street,” the parent advocate tells readers in the article, “When you do that, you show them how much you don’t care.” Parenting is not the only role where the boundaries get confused. Being the friend, partner, spouse, or even acquaintance of someone who will not get help for an opiate addiction is a difficult position to be in. Telling the difference between enabling and encouraging can be a challenge when you’re scared for someone you love.

Someone who is deep within the grips of an opioid addiction is not in their right mind. They’ve lost their ability to make rational judgments and decisions because their brain chemistry has been altered to favor drugs and alcohol in every sense of their lives.


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