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Sex addiction is like many other addictions in that it takes time to recover and does not happen overnight. Men and women are affected with a compulsive, often dangerous and possibly illegal desire to seek sexual activity for a ‘fix.’ Learn what it is like to recover from a sex addiction.

Devastating Consequences

Men and women in marriages or long-term relationships can experience sexual addiction as much as an individual who is not in a committed relationship. Months and years may be spent in therapeutic settings, including 12-step programs, figuring out how to save relationships and get back on course. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. When relationships break down, the foundation can be rebuilt stronger and the person can find hidden strength to overcome addiction.

What is Recovery?

After years of living a secret life, many people feel it is challenging to enter recovery and change the frame of mind around how to live a different life. Sometimes it starts with suspicion, other times it is a revelation that brings everything crashing down. When lies pile up and can no longer cover up the truth, it can send everything unraveling. Recovery is about owning up to the faults, fears and deception to seek a new existence that brings everything into the light, hides nothing and focuses on healing and repairing relationships with others and the self.

Not About Sex

Many people incorrectly assume sexual addiction is about sex. It is actually about many things and looks like it is about sex when it is really about the hole in people’s lives and how it is filled with drinking, drugs and sex. It is about avoidance of intimacy with others while connecting with strangers. The compulsive behavior is difficult to stop until an individual is able to call out what is happening, a fine line is drawn and things finally start to change for the better.

A Long Road

Recovery does not happen overnight, over days, weeks or even years. It lasts a lifetime, a process which requires therapy, tools and relationship building skills that keep the individual accountable to pursuing positive, healthy relationships with honesty. With the internet, it is easy to go unchecked with mindless scrolling through images and videos, one after the other until a person becomes desensitized. Some people are able to regain an active, healthy sexual relationship with partners that rely on open, honest communication. It all depends on the relationship and what is agreeable to both parties. Putting an end to the dangerous, sexual behavior and life of secrets is often more compelling for individuals than continuing a life that seems to keep everything in the shadows. Even if a person cannot be cured, sex addiction can be managed in recovery with positive habits, people and experiences which guide an individual towards the path of healing and hope for healthier, more intimate connection, out from under the shadows.


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