In our previous blog, we discussed the temptation and frequency of substance abuse among college students, the factors which put college students at risk. As well, we discussed how quickly college students can become addicted and briefly outlined some of the ways. Thankfully, there is a dynamic team of experienced professionals who are personally passionate about bringing recovery home for families at Hired Power. Our specialized recovery services can help your family support your college student in an effective, personalized way that helps you focus on healing.



“It’s college,” are two of the most common words which come to the defense of denial in college-age students who aren’t ready to face the reality of their substance abuse issues. If a student is continuing to cause themselves, their academic career, and others around them harm, an intervention may be necessary. Interventions are carefully planned by our team and involve careful treatment placement, treatment planning as well as coordination of other Hired Power Services like Safe Passage Transport and more.


Treatment Placement and Treatment Planning

Hired Power has developed trusted, heavily vetted relationships with the best care providers in the country. While creating a plan for help, our team works to place your child in the best possible treatment program which meets their needs, as well as the family’s needs. Should treatment not be the best option, our Case Managers work to create a recovery program of treatment outside of traditional care programs which might allow a student to stay in school part-time.


Safe Passage Transport

When addiction is severe, the cravings for the substance of choice are relentless. With a compromised ability to make better choices, students are vulnerable to relapsing on the way to treatment, missing their planes, their buses, their cars, or whatever other transportation has been arranged for them. Safe Passage Transport provides your student with a certified recovery professional who handles all the details of traveling from campus to treatment and helps ensure sobriety along the way.


Medical Leave

At most colleges, medical leave is the best way for a student to take temporary time away from school without dropping out entirely. Students are given a full semester to seek the medical help they need in order to return to a healthy state of living. Case managers can help parents and students navigate the process of applying for medical leave and make the process as smooth as possible.

Hired Power offers recovery services designed to make your family’s journey through the recovery process as seamless as possible. Our dynamic team of experienced recovery professionals strives to bring their personal passion and professional expertise to your every need and concern. Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring recovery home and focus on where healing matters most: family. For information on our services, call us today: 800.910.9299.