When you’ve become chemically and emotionally dependent upon drugs and alcohol, the harmful behaviors of a mental health issue, or the destruction of eating disorders, your life changes. Recovery is another major life change. In the early moments of recovery it can be hard to conceive the future. Often, you’re in pain. Your very soul hurts. Your life has come to a painful climax bringing you to seek treatment and take time to help yourself heal. It might feel like the worst thing in the world as something you’ve known and relied on for so long is taken away. Or, it could feel like a blessing, even if it’s waiting in disguise.

People around you are saying encouraging things like keep coming back, take it easy, one day at a time, it’s worth it, and it’s going to get better. You can hardly understand them. Something within you knows this: if they are right, if there is even a chance that they are right and things are going to get better, then it might just be worth it. It will. It is. You are.


You will know a new freedom and a new happiness

This is the first of the infamous promises outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous. This promise isn’t reserved for alcoholics only or those who do the twelve steps. It’s a proven fact of recovery. You will realize the bondages your harmful behaviors have held on you for years. Laughter will be louder, music will be clearer, and the smile on your face will be more real than you’ve ever known it to be.


Your life will depend on honesty

As time goes on and your therapy advances you’ll learn not to keep anything inside anymore. Communication, vulnerability, trust, openness, and honesty, will all become integral parts of your life. There’s no more need to hide, no more need to lie, and no more need to run from the light of life. Recovery is your one-way ticket out of the dark.


You are going to feel at peace

Serenity is a popular word in recovery, for good reason. The word “serenity” means “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.” Anxiety, depression, panic, and other feelings of dis-ease which come with mental health disorders start to subside. Your troubles of your attachments will slip away, leaving you to feel more serene. As those AA promises read: you will comprehend the word serenity.

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