Doctors who abuse prescription drugs usually do so for self-medication purposes. Usually they are meant to treat physical pain, emotional pain, or stress relief. However, the doctors can become addicted and dependent without ever realizing there is a problem. In a recent study, various researches met to discuss some issues with 55 anonymous physicians who were addicted to various substances and who were in treatment for their abuse. 69% of these doctors had become addicted to prescription drugs as well as having used other recreational drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

The main cause for self-medication that came up during the discussion was for pain or stress. Some of the doctors prescribed the medication for themselves after a physical trauma or surgery for the physical pain. In addition, some of the doctors prescribed medication or prescriptions for themselves because of chronic anxiety or depression. The emotional pain and stress was difficult to handle, and they decided to take matters into their own hands. The last cause of addiction in physicians was medication for stress in their personal or professional lives. The environmental factors were too trying, and the medications and drugs seemed like a better alternative to help deal with the pressures of life. They also mentioned the difficulty of maintaining the use to prevent withdrawal symptoms or for recreational use.

However, there are several ways we can help prevent the excess drug use and abuse in doctors and physicians. In fact, the drug use in doctors greatly mirrors the use in the general population and habits of the people. By providing better medical information and education about the side effects and negative consequences of drug use, we can prevent more doctor addictions in the future. If we encourage seeking positive and professional health advice and guidance for physical pain, emotional pain, and stress, we can help doctors relieve their ailments in a healthy manner that won’t be detrimental.

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