“To drink is to die” is a phrase you’re bound to hear if you spend enough time in the rooms of 12-step fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous. It is largely believed that there is no other drink in the journey of a drunk which causes the problem of alcoholism other than the first drink. The first drink leads to the next drink, and the drink after that, and so on and so forth. When the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were putting together the manuscript which would come to affectionately be called “The Big Book”, they realized the danger of the first drink. 12-step recovery is a lifestyle as much as it is a program and it is aimed at providing recovering alcoholics with the “defense against the first drink” they desperately need. To drink is to die, the fellowship emphasizes over and over again. To drink is to put all of life and recovery in jeopardy.

When “Just One” Can Mean Death

Understanding the power of the first drink takes power away from one of the most pervasive lies in alcoholism: the lie of “just one”. “Just One” is what thousands of alcoholics around the world have told themselves before picking up a drink again. Just one and I will go back to recovery. Just one because I had a hard day. Just one because how much could just one hurt? I’ll have just one and everything will be fine. Just one because I’ve been sober for months, and I want just one more before staying sober forever. Tragically, that next “just one” can be the start of a relapse which can least weeks, months, or years. Relapse is a one-way ticket- there is never a guaranteed return to recovery, because, that just one more drink or just one more drug can lead to immediate or prolonged fatal overdose.

When “Just One” Can Mean Life

The important  sentiment of “just one” misses out on one critical time in the journey to recovery: detox. Severe alcoholism can lead to severe detox, which results in severe and life-threatening symptoms as well as incomprehensibly stressful cravings for more alcohol. Going more than an hour without a drop of alcohol can cause someone to become so physically ill that their blood pressure goes up, their body temperature goes up, and they are at risk of heart failure, stroke, or other organ complications.

Alcoholics know too well the mental and physical relief just a sip of alcohol can bring when detox and withdrawal symptoms start to appear. Waking up with shakes, a drink of alcohol can steady a hand. Waking up with sweats, a drink of alcohol can can stop the outpour. When the body is chemically dependent on alcohol, it has reached a stage of needing alcohol to stabilize and function. At the precipice of recovery, when a loved one is on their way to detox, withdrawal symptoms can become so severe that in the name of survival, they necessitate another drink. To drink in this moment cored mean life or death- meaning, taking one last drink, or perhaps a few last drinks could stabilize the body just enough to get into proper medical detox.

Detox Should Never Be Done At Home, Unattended

The risks of alcohol detox are real and can be fatal without proper medical supervision. Delirium Tremens is the worst form of alcohol withdrawal, which includes mental hallucinations, physical hallucinations, sweating, fever, illness, high heart rate, and more. During detox, an individual is at their highest risk for relapsing into a binge or bender to try satisfying the demands of the body, as well as the mind. Before detox, there is a short window where the mind and body are undoubtedly sick but can make it to detox safely without a full relapse.

Safe Passage Transport is one of Hired Power’s most sought-after services. Our certified Personal Recovery Assistants accompany your loved one on their journey to detox, helping them avoid relapse, missing their flight, or running from the opportunity to get sober. If your loved one’s withdrawal symptoms are becoming so severe that they are life threatening, our certified professionals are trained to properly manage the consumption of only enough alcohol to temporarily stabilize the body so that your loved one safely arrives to detox. Most often, at this point, loved ones do not want to drink anymore, but realize, under guidance, that “just one” more can help them reach the start of their recovery.

Make A Plan Today

Treatment Planning ensures that there is a well-defined path for your loved one to follow, starting with detox. We have built personal relationships with facilities around the world, putting our trust in their services. Clinical, medical detox can be the difference between recovery and no recovery, or life and death. From intervention to monitoring services, our treatment planning makes sure there are no empty spaces on the journey to abstinence.

Hired Power offers recovery services designed to help you and your loved ones focus on what matters most: bringing recovery home. Our team of dynamic recovery professionals have experienced addiction and mental illness first-hand and know the kind of support needed to create success. We’re here to stand by you, every step of the way. Call us today for more information: 1-800-910-9299