Accountability is an essential factor in many areas of our lives. Want to set and achieve a goal? Statistics show if you tell someone about your goals, you are nearly 80 percent more likely to reach that goal. That is the power of accountability in action. Accountability gives you the extra edge you need to create the incentive that pushes you that one last step closer to your goals.

In recovery, accountability works the same way! The simple idea that you know you have to tell someone about your day, your willpower, and your activities can give you the extra boost you need to make the tough decision. Recovery is filled with tough decisions and having someone to report back to is a powerful motivating factor.

Accountability comes in many forms. Most commonly, people think of verbally communicating their thoughts with the person that is holding them accountable in their recovery. Often that person ends up being a friend or family member. Thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, accountability today is much more diverse. Now, an individual can reach out and share their progress through regular text messages, chat groups online, and webinars. The excitement here is that even if you are physically far from someone, you can still be face to face through the use of video technology.

Hired Power takes accountability seriously. Accountability is a major factor in all of the services offered by Hired Power. For instance, the sober companions are selected and matched with the client based on their individual needs and circumstances. These companions fill many roles for the client and one of these roles is that of an accountability partner. The sober companion focuses on more than just sobriety. They work with the client to encourage positive lifestyle changes that support their recovery and allow them to be the best version of themselves. Recovery is about more than just surviving. Sober companions help you thrive. The sober companion and the client discuss the activities and expectations so there are no surprises. In many situations they work with case managers to ensure a full-service solution for the client with the proper amount of support. Stop merely surviving and start thriving by calling Hired Power at 714-559-3919. Don’t waste another moment, call Hired Power today!