Even though marijuana is now legal to use medicinally in many places, many misconceptions about it and why people choose to use the drug exist. Learn more about why people choose to use marijuana.

Choosing to use

The reasons for people choosing to use marijuana vary as widely as the reasons people seek it out for medicinal purposes. The following are just some reasons individuals cite as to why marijuana use continues:


Many professionals in the workforce use marijuana to de-stress and unwind after work. Some of the most popular weed vape pen and vaporizers were designed by Silicon Valley professionals who are pro marijuana use. Many people who use the drug to relax feel vaping is better than drinking alcohol or other ways people choose to relax.


People who were part of marijuana culture in the 1960s are now returning to weed to recapture youth. People typically smoke pot rather than using a marijuana vaporizer as that is how people once enjoyed the drug.


Middle aged men and women, including those with kids, are dabbling with marijuana use in places where it is legal to do it and many wonder what it is like to try it out.

Creative Energy

Some people from Silicon Valley to the newest entrepreneur, artist or writer claims marijuana helps get creative juices flowing. Individuals report vaping or smoking helps to open the mind and provide inspiration.

Athletic Performance

Many top athletes in extreme sports on down use marijuana to calm nerves and get focused on training and competition. Sports have a mental component and some people swear a few smokes on a vaporizer allows the individuals to keep focused on the game.

Medical Purposes

Medicinal marijuana is being used to address symptoms of a number of medical conditions, including seizure disorders, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorder and PTSD. Oftentimes doctors recommend weed vaporizers to be used for medicinal cannabis due to the vapes reducing exposure to toxins.

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