luxury addiction treatment

Treatment is an individual process which requires an approach tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. When a person goes to treatment, it is a statement of accepting the first step in a long recovery process. The desire to get better has to come from within a person so it is important the program offers the best treatment for success.

Here are 6 reasons why luxury addiction treatment works;


Intensive Treatments

Luxury rehab centers provide the most innovative treatments available for individuals who enter the programs. New, unconventional methods such as animal-assisted therapy (equine therapy) or others may be offered including new brands of treatment to support individual recovery. Treatment is always individualized and tailored to the person’s specific needs.


Dedicated Staff

Staff-to-patient ratio in luxury rehabs is lower which demonstrates each person receives more care and attention than non luxury rehab centers. A person may blend in other places but in luxury rehab centers, the individual focus is key to success with the best staff on hand to support addiction recovery. Only staff with the highest credentials in the field are employed to ensure the best experience for people seeking treatment.


Comfortable Facilities

One goal of a luxury rehab center is to not feel like a rehab program at all. The focus is on providing the comfort of a vacation home or luxury resort. Bedrooms provide plenty of space where each person has a bathroom (similar to hotel suites). Some treatment centers are also furnished with televisions and laptops. Common rooms are spacious, elegantly furnished and designed with a peaceful ambiance in mind. Gardens and pools may be available with spaces designed for meditation or other practices.


Healthy food

Proper nutrition is the key to any person’s recovery. Studies show healthy eating habits are essential in recovery from addiction which is why luxury treatment centers employ best practices in this area. Chefs of the highest caliber are employed who are able to provide delicious dishes people can look forward to eating. Dietary needs and restrictions of each individual are taken into consideration. Food allergies and special diets (vegetarian, vegan, etc) are taken into account when meals are prepared so each person feels less sick and more healthy.


Recreational activities are part of a holistic treatment available at luxury treatment centers. Individuals can focus on having fun while recovering from addiction, which can be challenging and oftentimes stressful. Letting loose and having a good time by sailing, hiking, riding horses, fishing or playing golf provides a positive outlet to release stress, worries and anxieties about recovery. Some centers offer spa services to help people unwind after long days in treatment.


Spiritual Care

Physical, mental and emotional recovery is important in a comprehensive treatment program but many luxury rehab centers also aim to provide spiritual healing. People are guided through some spiritual practices which align with personal beliefs to aid in recovery.


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