More people try to quit smoking every day but it doesn’t mean everyone is successful. The chances are, most people have tried to quit smoking several times but for some reason have not been successful. One of the biggest challenges people face is drinking. Many people who successfully quit smoking may pick up the habit again if drinking starts.

Four Types of Drinkers

If a person has drank before and tried quitting smoking, one of four categories of drinker may apply: social drinker, problem drinker, active alcoholic or recovering alcoholic. If a person wants to truly quit, it helps to know what to look for in the different types of drinking as to why people smoke when imbibing alcohol.

Social Drinker

A social drinker is the type of person who enjoys going out and having a few drinks with friends. One of the best things about this type of person is trying to quit smoking will most likely be easier than for other types, with the lowest risk of relapse. Mental preparation and focus will be key to staying clean and sober from alcohol and smoking. Consider what happens inside the body when nicotine enters the system. The lifestyle will need to be drastically altered to successfully quit smoking. It is true a person will have to make some slight changes which can be done but it will take some time. When preparing to hang out with friends where it is possible alcohol will be present, the right tools and resources will help a person confront the challenge of facing a social situation where they plan to be nicotine free. The sooner a person learns how to drink without smoking, the easier it will be but it is possible a person may decide not to drink if the trigger to smoke is too strong.

Problem Drinker

A person who is a problem drinker is someone who considers themselves a social drinker but actually have what most people consider a drinking problem. Another way to tell if drinking is a problem is if trouble follows drinking behavior. Problem drinkers often drink without control which leads to trouble personally, legally, economic or professional issues. Problem drinkers have a high risk of relapse when it comes to smoking. This is due to struggles with determining whether or not alcoholism exist or if drinking is truly a problem. Quitting may be especially hard for this person.

Active Alcoholic

An active alcoholic will most likely step up from a problem drinker. Like problem drinkers, active alcoholics cannot control drinking and have seen life and health negatively impacted by drinking at least once. It will take a bit more work but is not impossible to quit. The chance of relapsing on both drugs is shown to be quite high if both smoking and drinking cessation are attempted at the same time.

Recovery Alcoholics

People who have sought assistance for a drinking problem and are sober are considered in recovery. Like social drinkers, people in recovery understand the danger of relapse and know how dangerous ‘just one more time’ can be. Although people with addiction in recovery have an understanding of quitting, that does not mean it will be easy. Many people in recovery may find quitting smoking hard. Higher success rates are one bonus to being a person in recovery due to knowledge of addiction and the process to get back on track.


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