Recovery is Cool

What is recovery? Recovery is not the sobriety as much as it is the journey from point A to point B (and sometimes, C, D, E, and so on). For addicts, though, it is surely one of the most important and rewarding facets of their lives.


But, why is recovery such an awesome thing? What is the byproduct of the adventure from addiction to sobriety that makes it more appealing than using?

Recovery is rad, because…

  1.    Your body is learning how to be in charge of its own faculties again.

Your body has been in a state in which it had no say over what it wanted, how much, when, and a host of other confusing physiological and psychological annoyances. When you’re in recovery, your body is able to sleep when it’s tired, instead of staying awake for days at a time. Your body signals you to eat because it needs sustenance, not because of what you just smoked. Sexual desire is about your care for your partner, not your over-stimulated glands. The human body is a miraculous thing, and works beautifully when it’s allowed to make its own decisions.

  1.    You’re able to get to know your Self again, without impaired judgment.

Chances are, if you’ve spent any substantial amount of time dealing with the effects of addiction on your everyday life, you’ve heard someone say that you’ve changed—and not for the better. When your personality and physical appearance are altered due to something outside of your control, however, the effect is less desirable. Recovery is an opportunity for you to rediscover who you are, the important things in your life and make a concentrated decision to make them a priority! Recovery is cool because any changes that happen are ones that you chose.

  1.    You have the opportunity to repair relationships that may have been broken.

It is hard to be in a position that makes you feel like you have lost control of who you are and what your body is doing, but even more difficult is the emotional toll addiction takes. You lose people you value, when what you so often need most is consistent support. But when it happens as a result of substance abuse, recovery affords you the opportunity to rebuild bridges that may have been burned. What’s important to remember in this instance is that, even if a relationship can’t be repaired, that does not negate the importance of your personal recovery. And staying in recovery will help you make better relationship choices in the future.

Probably the coolest thing about the journey of recovery is that every addict’s journey is different. Your pace may be quick and relatively painless, and it may be agonizingly slow. The important thing to remember is that the end result isn’t just an end result; it’s the beginning of a better life.

If you or someone you love is ready to start the journey of recovery, there are resources available to help you on your way. The staff at Hired Power can answer questions and provide guidance 24/7. Just call us at 800-910-9299.