There are no hard and fast rules that dictate which route to recovery an addict should take. While Alcoholics Anonymous is the preferred choice for some wishing to kick an addiction, others opt for the SMART method. And then there are some who can do it simply by the dint of their willpower. They decide to give up drinking and manage to stick to the decision. This said, it’s a good idea to be aware of the alternatives available so that we can make informed decisions.

Why are meetings important?

Meetings are important for individuals that find it difficult to make decisions independently. For such people, decisions often come when the best opportunity for implementing them has passed. People who make the wrong decisions because of lack of information or maturity also benefit from the presence and advice of those who have done the right thing. The right company that one can find in meetings will advise you that there is never really a good time to have a drink when you are trying to kick alcoholism. Meetings are essential because they give people the strength to fight adverse conditions. Without the backing of a support group, even well-intentioned addicts trying to honestly kick the habit find the going tough. Meetings allow them to focus their restlessness for a period of an hour or so and think with a calm mind. Success stories by others in the meeting act as motivators.

Meetings tell you that you are not alone, and if others could move away from drugs and alcohol, then so can you.  They are an essential part of the recovery process.

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