You Can Recover from Gambling

Gambling can be an addiction. When you think about addiction in general, not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol is dependent. The same is true for gambling. However, gambling is similar to substance dependency. The substance isn’t a drink or a drug, but gambling addiction still affects the brain’s reward system in an altered way. You can crave gambling, as well as continue gambling despite the consequences.

Essentially, the act of gambling releases a surge of dopamine and endorphins. This causes the user to feel a rush of euphoria or excitement causing the user to crave more and more bets. Gambling addiction can be responsible for suicide, financial devastation, and divorce and child custody concerns.

Even though you may feel hopeless, be assured that you can recover from gambling addiction. Recovery from gambling addiction takes time and dedication, but there are millions of people who are in recovery from problem gambling. You can be one of these victorious people.

Recovery from gambling is similar to recovery from other addictions. You may face cravings to gamble again, but try not to be discouraged. Cravings and urges subside with time and skill development. Recovery is really about replacing negative behaviors with positive skills.

Gambling recovery works well when you are part of a support group. There are 12 step meetings in many areas around the country that are for those recovering from gambling addiction. These meetings are called Gamblers Anonymous (GA). GA uses the 12 steps, meetings, and sponsorship to achieve sobriety.

If you feel that you need a more individual approach, Hired Power has recovery care management services that will tailor a specific plan just for you. Hired Power uses coaching, monitoring, and daily check ins to ensure that you are developing new skills to live a life free from gambling addiction.

Your past days of active addiction will always be part of your story, but those days don’t have to be apart of your life anymore. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Just because you have had struggles, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. You need to be accountable and make positive changes, but recovery is possible.

Hired Power are experts at connecting you to the tools you need to learn how to break free from gambling addiction. Through our range of services and expertise, you can stay sober. Contact us now at 714-559-3919. Let us help you figure out the right steps to take.