Recovery is a journey best traveled together. Research shows that when people are faced with a difficult task, most have a higher rate of success if they know they have a reliable support system. There is so much value in the knowledge that you are not alone. This doesn’t mean you aren’t independent. Your recovery journey is still yours to design as you prefer, but that journey can be much more rewarding when you have cherished friendships assisting along the way.

Fostering healthy friendships eases the pain of recovery and can provide you motivation and encouragement along the way. Stay close to those positive role models that believe in you and know you have what it takes to succeed in your recovery. Select your close friendships carefully, as you don’t need people that challenge your new-found sobriety. Remember each and every step you took to get where you are now and don’t let anyone or anything jeopardize your recovery.

Friendships come in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes they present themselves when you least expect it. Maybe it is a childhood friend, and maybe it is a like-minded neighbor. You never know for sure until you open yourself to these healthy relationships. Enjoy time spent getting to know the people around you. Addiction has the power to control your life and manipulate your reality. Now that you are handling that addiction, you see your world clearly. This new clarity allows you to see people in ways you maybe didn’t before. Be curious about the people in your life, and you will be rewarded with healthy friendships you never expected.

Sometimes recovery requires more than a friend. Sometimes we need extra support. When that support is required, turn to highly trained professionals that are no stranger to recovery, sobriety, and addiction. Hired Power offers many services to help you conquer your recovery, including a program which assigns you a sober companion specifically selected for your personal needs and your situation. These are people that know what you are going through and have been there before. They are trained in offering support, providing solutions, and implementing strategies that will work for you. You are in this alone. Call Hired Power at 714-559-3919 to speak with a professional that will help you get the support you need. Set yourself up for success and call today.