Spending time in nature is a proven way to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many treatment programs for addiction and mental health are including nature excursions, building locations in lush natural landscapes. Depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD, body image, self-identity and more are helped by spending more time in nature. Removing yourself from the toxins of every day manmade life and spending time in the oxygen rich environments of nature can have tremendous benefit for your health. Research has found that your trips into nature don’t need to be an long adventure, either. Just being around green or blue spaces, even looking at pictures or watching a documentary, can have a great effect.


  • Take A Walk Through Nature: Walking is a meditative exercise which is good for the heart and the mind. Walking meditation has been a spiritual practice in numerous disciplines for many years. Spending time walking through nature together is a way to gain benefit from natural surroundings while also having an opportunity to talk. Walking through nature is also an opportunity to share silence, which can be a good practice for respecting each other’s space and individual journey.
  • Explore The Country’s National Parks: The United States is full of amazing National Parks as well as many designated natural areas like preserves, reserves, historical monuments, and more. Thousands of miles of open nature are available to visit and explore. Recovery is defined by making new meaning in life and learning to explore all that life has to offer. Working through the National Park system is a fun activity for the whole family, filled with adventure, cooperation, learning, and making precious, sober memories.
  • Exercise In Nature: Some studies have found that exercising in nature makes the exercise more effective and actually increases the desire to exercise. Trade in the gym membership for outdoor classes. Play more outdoor sports together, go on runs, or take your favorite exercise videos to a nearby park or beach. Family fitness is a great practice for recovery.
  • Learn More About Nature Conservancy: Spending time in nature can increase feelings of empathy and compassion, both of which are essential for supporting a loved one in recovery. Through recovery, a loved one is learning to have more empathy and compassion for themselves, for others, and for the world around them. Together, you can learn more about caring for the environment and caring for each other.



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