Now that you’re sober, you may be stuck in the mindset that you can’t have fun in sobriety. Some people believe they can only have fun under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many people spend a lot of time and energy worrying about how they will have fun as a sober person, but this isn’t something to stress. It’s normal to have different life phases and outgrow things that don’t fit us anymore. We outgrow friends, relationships, and hobbies. Getting sober is no different.

In sobriety, fun looks entirely different. The truth is, having fun in sobriety is not only possible, but it’s even better than you may expect. Not only do you remember everything, but you’re more present, engaged, and mindful about the experience. You don’t have to live a boring life just because you’re sober.

Why It’s Important to Have Fun

Learning to have fun in sobriety is essential because learning new activities can help keep your mind off of your addiction. Boredom is a common relapse trigger; when you feel bored, you may be tempted to fill your time with drug or alcohol use. You can also associate yourself with a new group of people who don’t believe that you need to use drugs or alcohol to have fun. These people will build your support system and are people you can lean on in challenging times.

Learn How to Play an Instrument

Life after drugs and alcohol opens many new doors of opportunity. With your new free time in sobriety, you can learn to play a new instrument. Even if you believe you aren’t a musically inclined person, learning an instrument can be fun, challenging, and keep you busy. Perhaps this has always been something you’ve wanted to do but you haven’t had the time or courage to try–now is the time to learn! There are many tips, tricks, and tutorials available online for beginners to learn about any instrument.

Find a Yoga Class

Yoga is for anyone looking to find true peace and strength. Not only can yoga be fun, but it is also very beneficial to your health and mental well-being. You can find a local yoga class or look for online options.

Yoga gives you great ways to release stress and forces you to slow down and think about all the amazing things your body can do. You will feel stronger and more flexible after every exercise. Greater peace of mind comes to just about everyone who practices yoga and this gives you access to new and healthier coping mechanisms. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, you can turn to the calming breathing exercises inherent in yoga.

Make Sober Friends

When you get sober, you may look at your previous life and realize that you need to change a lot. Everything might have revolved around getting your drug of choice when you were using. You’ll find that you don’t hang out with the same people or frequent the same places because those places are about using. In sobriety, those people and places can be dangerous. Instead, look for people who are also in sobriety and surround yourself with them. Finding sober, like-minded people is essential to recovery. These people understand you and they’re also looking to have fun without using drugs or alcohol.

Look for people you can connect with in treatment or a 12-Step group. You’ll often find people who have been in recovery for much longer and have figured out how to have fun in sobriety. If you enjoyed going to concerts or dance clubs when you were using, find a group of sober people who like to do this too–they can teach you how to engage in these fun activities without using drugs or alcohol. You don’t have to give up your favorite activities just because you stopped using and there are people out there who are enjoying them sober and can show you how to too.

Remember Your Old Hobbies and Interests

Often when we’re amid addiction, hobbies and interests that we used to have can get left behind because we’re focusing all our time and attention around using. When you get sober, you’ll notice that you may have a lot of time on your hands; this is an excellent opportunity to jump back into the hobbies and interests you gave up for substance use. You can start painting or writing again. Start knitting or crocheting. Jump into the stack of unread books that have been sitting in the corner of your living room. Not only will you rediscover the fun and enjoyment of the hobbies and interests you lost touch with, but you’re also keeping your mind off your addiction.

When you get sober, you may not realize that you can have fun without using drugs or alcohol. Having fun in sobriety is not only possible, but it’s even better than you may expect. When you learn to have good, clean fun, you can keep your mind off substance use and build a support system of other sober individuals who want to have fun without using either. You may want to consider making sober friends, reconnecting with old hobbies, finding a yoga class, or even learning a new instrument. Hired Power can help if you are struggling to find fun in sobriety without temptation. At Hired Power, we have developed a team approach to support those going through these difficult changes. Depending on your needs, we offer Sober Companions, Recovery Care Managers, and Personal Recovery Assistants. Along with your treatment coordinator, these people actively work one-on-one with you to implement healthy changes as you transition from full-time recovery treatment back to independent life. For more information on our services, contact Hired Power today at (800) 910-9299.