Image of a home in the hands of a caring person - having a sober companion in your home - what to expect with a live-in sober companion - hired power offers sober companion and sober coach resources Recovery resources are endless when seeking help for a loved one who is in the ring with addiction. Educating yourself and doing thorough research on potential treatment options is very important so that your loved one receives proper client care.

One of the most effective ways to help a loved one stay on the path of abstinence after treatment is to have a Sober Companion. There can be many misconceptions about this profession, but if you continue reading, you will come to find that you can be led to appropriate resources if need be.

What is a Sober Companion?

How about I start off by sharing what a sober companion IS NOT. Sober Companions are not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous and are not paid representatives from AA. They are professionals from specific companies that do suggest (in certain cases) that the client and families seek out 12 Step programs for continuation of recovery. Not every client will need the same structured format and that is to be decided upon with the Sober Companion and client.

With that said, the Sober Companion almost acts as the other brain (rational thinking), due to the fact that the client may lean towards irrational or addictive thinking patterns so early on in their recovery. Having someone who understands their circumstances while being next to them through this uncomfortable transition period can help influence them to make positive choices and abstain from taking a drink or a drug.

What Does a Live-In Sober Companion Offer?

A Live-In Sober Companion will help assist the client in remaining clean/sober, teach them coping skills that will allow them to function in their every day lives, help them recreate a new lifestyle away from their unhealthy environment prior, and help the client build a routine that will set them up for success.

Having this service is a huge plus for recovering alcoholics/addicts because they are able to seek what type of Sober Companion they are looking for. Different styles of Sober Companion work include:
(A) 24-hour watch
(B) On-Call (when needed)
(C) Work with Client on a day-to-day basis and live in the clients home to give client that extra cushion of support (this is the most popular and most used service with Sober Companions)

The reason the Live-In Sober Companion (average stay of a Live-In Sober Companion can range from 2 weeks to 3 months) has been so popular in the recovery world is because they help create safe and successful grounds for the client while living in their home. They walk side by side with the client so the client begins to establish new life skills, learns how to ask for help, creates a sense of safety, and becomes instant motivation when the client hits a low spot in their mind. The Sober Companion supplies the recovery tools and will help teach the client various ways to use them. It is not the Sober Companion’s job to do the work for the client. Their job is to help motivate, teach, and cheer their client on daily.

Finding the right Sober Companion that can connect well with your loved one is important. Placing them with a Sober Companion that is able to target their specific needs will be important for the most successful results. When the client does their initial intake and assessment, this will be a huge determining factor which Sober Companion will be best for them.

If requested, the Sober Companion can reach out to the client prior to meeting to answer any questions they may have and to help create somewhat of a relationship before meeting. There are a lot of emotions involved through this transition period for the client, and the Sober Companion wants to help alleviate any extra tension that there is. Searching online for “Sober Companions” or “Benefits of A Sober Companion,” or contacting a local counselor/therapist can help guide you in the direction you need to go in order to take the next step experiencing a Live-In Sober Companion.

For more information about Sober Companions, Recovery Assistance Services, or any of Hired Power‘s services, please contact us anytime. We’re here to help.