Thinking about staying sober forever is a daunting thought. Trying to process never drinking or using again is overwhelming. The truth is that you don’t know what the future holds and you can’t control the unknown. Today is all you have. A lot of recovery programs suggest taking your recovery one day at a time, which is a good mentality to have.

Staying sober forever begins with today. The first thing that you must come to terms with is that sobriety is a daily choice. You can’t think of the future and be present in the here and now. Every day that you wake up, you have to make a decision to go to meetings, call your sponsor or mentor, and stay connected with sober friends. If you can make this choice on a daily basis, you are definitely headed in the right direction.

Don’t get frustrated with people or situations that you can’t change. Acceptance is the key to growth! Instead of becoming frustrated with difficult people, places, and things, try accepting what you can’t change. You will find that if you don’t try to control or change things outside of your abilities, you will be more content. A peaceful and content demeanor is more likely to value sobriety.

Be cautious of who you have in your circle. There is an old saying that says, “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who are.” If you associate with people who use, the chances of you using again increase. The only way to stay sober is to be around people who support your mission. Trying to stay sober around people who use, drink, or are overall unhealthy, is nearly impossible.

Be honest with yourself. In order to stay sober for the long run, you have to be honest with yourself. You need to acknowledge if you feel weak, lonely, or just frustrated. These thoughts are normal and feeling this way does not make you crazy or bad. Even if you have cravings to use, be honest with yourself. Once you acknowledge these thoughts for yourself, you can reach out to your sober friends for help.

Staying sober forever is really about staying sober one day or one moment at a time. You can’t do recovery alone. You have to be honest with yourself and how you are feeling. You have come a long way. Recovery is not easy, but it is well worth it.

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