Life is not all sunshine and roses. Everyone feels anger and sorrow, but nobody has to feel that way all the time. The long haul of sober living that follows addiction treatment and recovery is fraught with plenty of factors that challenge a person’s mental state and overall positivity. Actively seeking to express a positive frame of mind is a great way to combat the negative emotions and obstacles that will come up in long term recovery. Positive thinking has plenty of benefits, particularly for people in recovery from addiction.  

Benefits of Being Positive

  • Positivity has been shown to boost the immune system, meaning the body fights off infections more effectively.
  • Positivity has been shown to reduce levels of stress and inflammation in the body.
  • Positive people generally have a lot more energy to do the things they want.
  • Positive people are more likely to achieve their goals.
  • Positive people typically handle problems and stress better.
  • Positive people tend to attract positive people and relationships.

The fact is that a positive attitude is more important to recovery that it is given credit for, as the mind has a significant sway over the body’s processes and systems.

Embracing Positivity In Recovery

In recovery it is important to keep in mind that ‘this too shall pass’. 85% of the things people worry about end up having a positive or neutral outcome. Whether they believable or not, individuals have immense strength in reserve and can pull through things despite the odds stacked against them. Knowing this, it is better to stay positive, rather than worry about things that might never happen.

Simple Tips to Increase Positivity In Recovery

  • Meditate

One way to increase positive thinking in recovery is through the use of meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool that is at the individual’s disposal, just 15 minutes a day you can provide tremendous benefits. Whether it is simple mindful meditation practices or more formal meditation practices, focusing on breathing is relaxing and helps the individual focus on the here and now.

  • Take Responsibility for Your Life

Individuals in recovery already know this. They are responsible for their actions and they alone have the power to transform their life. This simple fact can be hard to frame in the mind because often the blame was pinned on others. However, recovery is the time to be positive and start taking responsibility.

  • Stick With the Winners

One of the common sayings heard in 12-Step meetings is ‘stick with the winners’ and the meaning is simple. You need to hang with those who meet adversity in their life with strength and fortitude. Whether is it your peers in recovery, family members, friends or whomever, find those people in your life who know how to handle negativity in a healthy, constructive and realistic manner and soak their knowledge in like a sponge.

  • Smile

Sometimes one has to fake it till they make it. Even if the individual doesn’t feel like it, just the simple act of putting a smile on may help them get out of the doldrums. Give it a try.

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