wcsad 2015 - hired power - tips for staying soberThere are many great tools that can help people in recovery achieve long term sobriety. There are many ways to maintain sobriety and keeping balance between them all achieves the best results. One of the best tips for staying sober is using recovery assistance services. This person becomes your best friend and companion in sobriety. They are certified personal recovery assistants who can live with you during early sobriety, provide companionship during travel, and are personal recovery mentors. Hired Power specializes in matching you with the most compatible recovery assistant.

More tips for staying sober are staying in contact with other sober friends. Isolating is a very unhealthy practice for addicts and alcoholics and it is strongly discouraged. Staying in contact with other likeminded people helps keep you active, engaged, and most importantly keeps you from staying stuck in your own head. There is a popular saying amongst people in Alcoholics Anonymous and to summarize it states, “that our best thinking got us to where we are.” This means that are own minds brought us to the depths of our disease, so if we stay stuck in ourselves, we go right back to where we were. It is extremely important to talk to other people in recovery to ensure you are not alone with your own thoughts.

Attending meetings regularly is another one of the highly recommended tips for staying sober. Many people who attend AA meetings on a regular basis can agree that they always feel better at the end of the hour. The fellowship and comradery are so important for sobriety, regardless of how much clean time you have. “The more you miss meetings, the more you miss alcohol.” This is another AA saying, and one of the many you will hear if you attend meetings on a regular basis.

There is an old saying that if you hang around a barber shop long enough, you are going to get a haircut. Well, the same is true for people in recovery. If you have no business being there, than you probably should not be there. It is recommended that alcoholics not go to the same bars and clubs that they used to frequent. Doesn’t seem like too much fun to sit belly up to a bar and sip ginger ale, and it is just asking for the disease to creep in and convince you that one drink won’t hurt. There is much fun to be had in sobriety, but first it helps to change our previous people, places, and things. These tips for staying sober can build the foundation for our new journey through our recovery assistance services.

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