Some criticize the fact that addiction treatment is illegitimate because the industry is full of people who likely attend meetings and identify themselves as addicts or alcoholics. They have been sober for long periods of time in their life or spent years in recovery from a mental health condition. Getting their lives together, they went to school to become counselors, therapists, coaches, spiritual practitioners, or they decided to open their own treatment center to give to others what worked for them. In some states, people don’t have to go through more than a forty hour training course to become a Peer Recovery professional to give comfort, support, and guidance to other addicts and alcoholics. Working in hospitals and detoxes, these professionals are able to give relatable insight and support to those who are actively struggling.

Most of recovery as we know it today was built on the idea that if two addicts or alcoholics can talk about their problems, struggles, experiences, strength, and hope for recovery, they can stay sober. This was the foundation for Alcoholics Anonymous as it was discovered by two men, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. Few people can understand the complicated and painful intimate details of living with addiction or alcoholism the way an addict or alcoholic can. It’s the kind of experience you have to really live to understand. Doctors, family members, and friends can research, learn, go to meetings, ask questions, and get the best idea they can, but they will still struggle to fully comprehend the insanity of chemical dependency. Shame and isolation follow addiction where it goes, making the experience of working with someone who has lived with addiction, but is currently living in recovery, a priceless opportunity. The benefit goes both ways- people who are in recovery working with those who need recovery are reminded of what it was like. Those who are in need of recovery can see what it can be like.


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