image of people holding heart shapes in their hands - addiction recovery support for alcohol and substance abuse - hired power offers recovery assistance services - sober coaches - sober companions in southern california and nationwideRecreating your life after alcohol and substance abuse can be challenging. It requires strong support and structure when returning to daily living.

Addiction Recovery Support You Can Count On

Hired Power offers 24/7 individual recovery support and services. We provide superior care to all of our clients that need extra support in developing and maintaining a lifestyle that is conducive to addiction recovery from alcohol or substance abuse. At Hired Power, our addiction recovery assistance services offer both reassurance and motivation to help the client become more involved and secure in their lives and recovery.

Our Hired Power team, along with our recovery assistants, will help them to build and sustain a constructive and recovery-based routine. This can include, but is not limited to, alcohol and substance abuse recovery meetings, returning to or starting school, resuming or starting work, or just simply modifying the client’s daily schedule. The Hired Power team and recovery assistants will support the client in applying the skills for life that are necessary for successful recovery from alcohol and substance addiction. Our team can support and guide the client through difficult social settings, travel, work occasions, or any particularly challenging event.

We Will Be By Your Side As You Rebuild Your Life

We are by your side with addiction recovery support through difficult stages, high-risk circumstances, and important transitions. Getting free of alcohol and substance addiction and commencing a life of addiction recovery can be a very demanding process, but it does not have to be done alone. Our team at Hired Power serves Southern California and many other places across United States with constant support. This is so that, whether a client is at home or traveling, a recovery assistant is there to help.

Not only is starting on the road to recovery from addiction from alcohol and substance abuse demanding and at times, stressful, but it is also deeply personal. For many of our clients, there is considerable concern when it relates to their private affairs. This concern is held in high regard and is of utmost importance to our team as well. At Hired Power, we take these concerns very seriously. Our clients can be sure of our team’s and our recovery assistant’s dedication to safety and professionalism as well as unconditional attentiveness to tact and confidentiality. Learn more about finding the right personal recovery assistant.

At Hired Power, our team will help to guide our clients in the direction of freedom. We will help you to discover independence from alcohol and substance abuse. We will show you to a life that is vastly more than just addiction recovery. We will show you through personal knowledge and experience that recovery isn’t just about ceasing the use of alcohol and substances, but about finally finding peace, joy, and true happiness.

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